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Magic, charms for every occasion, incantations, prayers, omens and lapels

Magic. Conspiracies. Privorot. Spells. Rituals. Download

Magic, strong conspiracies and prayers, love spells and lapels, suckers, damage and evil eye, spells, rituals, mantras, fortune telling and witchcraft, talismans and amulets, rituals and this is not the whole list of what our application contains.

What does not happen to us every day. To get out of any situation without a problem as a winner, use conspiracies for all occasions. It is worth memorizing them. Huge opportunities open up before a person. With the help of magic, you can find and win love, get good luck, wealth, preserve beauty. You can take revenge on your enemies or help your friends. All this is available for those who are not afraid to practice the art of black and white magic. Many conspiracies are short and do not require special rituals. They can be said at work, on public transport. Help yourself with your strength. You don't have to be a strong practitioner, these words of power are also great for beginners. In addition, in the life of most people, there are situations in which it suddenly begins to seem to him that luck and success have completely turned away from him, and a hopeless black streak has come. Of course, it is impossible to do without a positive attitude, but the power of prayer is also miraculous. A prayer for good luck will help draw positive emotions into life and return success in all matters.

It is no secret that when we achieve success, our physical and spiritual world is in harmony, but it happens that we find ourselves in financial, love or everyday difficulties. In this case, they can help you overcome everyday difficulties in the shortest possible time - conspiracies for luck, money, love or health. There are also conspiracies for all occasions with instant action. The result will make itself felt immediately after the ceremony. When you are well prepared, you can read the conspiracies yourself at home, and provided that all the rules are followed, it is 100% safe and most importantly effective!

Orthodox prayers for all occasions, coming from the very heart of the believer, help in any situations, allow the prayer to enlist the support of higher powers. You need to read prayers twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, at least twice.

Here are the most powerful prayers:

- Prayer "Our Father";
- Prayer "Virgin Mary, rejoice";
- Prayer "Symbol of Faith" (I believe);
- Prayer to Christ. Jesus Prayer (short and strong);
- Prayer to the Mother of God from all troubles and misfortunes.
This is a list of prayers that a person should know by heart.

In the application, all information is divided into categories, such as:

Magic is a general concept.
The magic of money is how to attract money at home in very simple ways, accessible to everyone.


- conspiracies for love;
- conspiracies for good luck;
- conspiracies for money;
- a conspiracy to return a loved one;
- conspiracies for trade.

Love spell - what is a love spell and what types they are, how to determine what a love spell is on you. How to make a love spell from a photo.

Damage - what is damage to a person, how to determine it, types of port removal at home.

What is the evil eye. What are the signs of the evil eye and the consequences. The evil eye test is also common. We will advise talismans and amulets from the evil eye, dua from the evil eye.

Also, the application tells what white magic and black magic are. Types and how to define it. How to put up protection against black magic, what charms to use to ward off evil spirits. Separately, an article on talismans is highlighted, depending on the sign of the zadiac, you can choose a talisman for good luck and money, how to attract money to the house with folk signs.

Divination by tarot:

tarot card - types and meanings;
- fortune telling for damage;
- fortune telling by hand;
- fortune telling for the future;
- divination by love.

The developer of this application is not responsible for the misuse of this application.

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Magic. Conspiracies. Privorot. Spells. Rituals. Download

Magic. Conspiracies. Privorot. Spells. Rituals. Download
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