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This programm can be used to estimate the temperature rise and strength development of fresh concrete. On basis of the input like type of binder, binder content, fresh concrete temperature, formwork type and pour thickness the maximum temperature, the temperature differential between the core and the concrete surface and the compressive strength development are calculated. The program can also be used to calculate the risk of early-age cracking and the crack width and to determine the optimum formwork striking time. The strength development of concrete can also be calculated for thin sections and for accelerated curing and the program includes a maturity method.

The temperature rise of the concrete is calculated with a finite element method, which results in a large number of calculations. Depending on the processor, the calculations may take between 2 and 10 seconds.
This program is intended for demonstrations only. Use professional software for actual construction work.

Suggestions and questions via e-mail are welcome.

(Internet permission required for links and storage permission required for export of calculation results).

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Mass Concrete Download

Mass Concrete Download
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